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Psych Quote
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A place to share your favorite quotes from the TV show Psych!
This community is a place where people can share their favorite quotes from Psych. As all Psych fans know, there are about a billion awesome quotes per episode.

Disclaimer: Psych doesn't belong to me or any members here. Please don't sue us. All quotes are taken from the TV show.


--Only post quotes. Nothing else to do with Psych; there are other communities for that. Only moderators can post anything other than quotes.
--Please limit your entry to 5 or so quotes, and give everyone a chance to share some favorites.
--Don't use LJ-cuts. (Because you shouldn't need them). If your quotes are long (like a whole conversation) please put less than 5 quotes in your post. I want this community to be quick and easy to read, so you don't have to go down a long list.
--For quotes from any of the new episodes please put the name of the episode in the subject line.
--Comment on quotes you like! Share the love :)
--Be nice!